This copyright applys to all sites where our images exist. Images are copyrighted by MONTANA SCREEN SAVERS or CLICK HERE DESIGNS or SMALL TOWN AMERICAN PICS or GOOD TIMES PICS or MICHAEL HEWSTON who own all rights to the Image(s). All rights not specifically granted to you in writing are reserved.   You agree to provide applicable copyright notice and/or protection of image(s) in your final product.

Use of images may be revoked at any time, for any reason with or without additional notice.  Terms of agreement may be modified at the completion of a paid contract period. If image use agreement is modified and you do not agree with the modifications you agree to remove ALL of our images from your website within 30 days or agree to new contract terms.

Image Use: Images use rights are purchased annually unless otherwise specified in writing.  Rates for multiple images, more then 25, are $2 per image, per use, per year.  Single image use rates are $25 per use, per year.

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