I was Mistaken

I must admit I was mistaken.

I thought the beatings were normal.  I thought the drinking and fighting was normal.  It was what families did and  that it was normal.  I was mistaken.

I thought the fighting, and yelling, and the smashing was normal.  I thought divorce was normal.  I thought mum working two or three part time, minimum wage jobs was normal.  I thought weed smoking and staying out all night was normal.  I was mistaken.

I thought running in a gang was normal.  I believed that striking folks with  an all out assault was normal.  I thought beating folks to the ground and leaving them resting in their own blood was normal.  I thought homelessness was normal.

It is not normal.  I was mistaken.

It was all I knew.  It was all I had seen.  It was in the music I listened to, the movies I watched, the people who spoke.  It was my everyday world, but it was not normal.

It was a lie.  It’s not normal.  I was mistaken.

Our Walk

We walked and talked holding hands as the ocean tides rolled in and out.  A thousand words of love and connection passed […]

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