Our Walk

We walked and talked holding hands as the ocean tides rolled in and out.  A thousand words of love and connection passed though my head but yet I muttered only a few.  We walked along the beach for what seemed like hours.  She held my hand while we walked  in our bear feet.  It seemed as if all of our worldly problems were released and replaced with contentment and peace.  Her long hair looked wet and windblown and while she was very self conscious of it, but I didn’t mind. She is beautiful.  Who she is and what she thinks and how in this moment in the sun made everything right.  Misted with a cool shower of cool water, feeling the tide rolling across our bear feet as we walked hand in hand.

I was Mistaken

I must admit I was mistaken. I thought the beatings were normal.  I thought the drinking and fighting was normal.  It was […]

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