BC Stone Sheep Hunts

We offer Stone Sheep Hunts in BC. Stone Sheep are found primarily in Northern British Columbia. Watch for them licking minerals along the side of the Alaska Highway.

A Stone sheep is a dark brown northern mountain sheep that is widely but sparsely distributed in the southern Yukon and northern British Columbia and Alberta.

Color variations have a wide range, from slate grey-brown with a white rump patch, or dark tail and white on the inside of the hind legs, to an almost completely white/grey-white coat with a dark or black dorsal surface on the tail. Horns are curved in form and vary in color from a yellowish-brown to dark brown horns.

Planning Your Stone Sheep Hunt

Our Stone Sheep 14 day hunt is a backpack hunt with possible horse assist. Hunter pays for any required tags. This is not a combination hunt.  The opportunity hunt ends when the primary species is harvested. If you are interested in a combo hunt, contact us or Call Doug.

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BC Stone Sheep Hunts

  1. First Hunt: August 1st – 15th
  2. Second Hunt August 15th – 30th

Primary Species and Combination hunts are available, call to discuss the details of your hunt.

Canadian Stone Sheep Hunting Trips are available.

We offer many different hunting trips in British Columbia.  We offer Moose Hunting, as well as Stone Sheep, and Mountain Goat.  Our vast amount of territory provides great opportunities for any type of hunt you may be interested in.  We offer 7 day hunts, 10 day hunts, or you can customize your hunting trip to the amount of time you can say.

In addition to those hunts we also proudly offer wheel chair accessible hunts.  If you need accommodations for your hunting trip, we can provide them.

We look forward to planning your hunt or answering any questions you may have. When your ready, Call Doug.

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