Earning Money on your Website

Earning Money on your Website: Before you can begin to earn monies from your website you will need one.  Go to www.chddomains.com  and register a domain name.  A domain name should be as short as possible, easy to remember, and whenever possible, end with a .com extension.

When choosing your domain, think about what you are doing, in place of who you are.  Unless you are a real estate agent where your attention to detail, and past good work is the product, or unless you think you will become the product, then a descriptive search term might serve to be a better domain.  If you are in doubt, go with your business name, or what you are doing in place of your own name.

Next, set up your website.  Once you have created an account at www.chddomains.com  and registered your domain name then you need to create a website.  There are two types of websites.

Template driven, where you login to your account and add content, content and more content and then choose a template in which to display your content.
Often called website builders: https://www.chddomains.com/products/website-builder

Custom driven, a custom driven site has fewer limitations long term as you grow.  Unlike template driven websites which are very easy to set up, typically about two hours before you are online, custom driven websites require a bit more setup, but long term have the ability to grow with your business.  A custom driven website platform like word press serves the beginner to the expert. Using word press allows you to focus on your content, and if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.

Earning Money on your Website

Once you have your domain, and your website ready then focus on your content.  Focus on your content.  To earn money on ads, google ads or otherwise, you need to have content that people want to read, and come back to read more.  If your website or blog focuses on make-up application and you want to sell the specific products you are using, then you need traffic.  Folks don’t come to your website because you are selling products, they can buy anything they want anywhere on the internet.  However, if you are showing a better way of applying make-up, or a tool to more easily change you motor oil, it is likely folks might purchase the product after seeing how you apply it, or in case of the motor oil, after they see how your product helps them.

That is the key; Helping Folks, not necessarily selling folks. You need sales of your product, and folks need a product that helps them in their lives.  Think about it.

The point of this article is to assist you with setting up a website and then advising you to focus on the content of the website.