Website Content Creation

Website Content Creation. Let’s start with this, your content is the reason your customers come to your website.  It really doesn’t matter if you have an on-line store, or are providing information about a specific topic or service.  Your view have come to your website and are reading or otherwise interacting with your business based on the content they see.

With this in mind, ask yourself; How do I create content that conveys the message you are trying to convey to your customers and clients.

Consider identifying your businesses unique value proposition.  A unique value proposition is a marketing strategy of informing your customers about how your business brand or product is superior to its competitors.  In simple terms, it is conveying the message of why your customer or client should choose your product or service over your competitors.

Your business will be using your unique value proposition will be woven throughout your website.  The act of making sure your content is targeted or relevant to your customer is paramount.

Take some time to generate content that is easy to read and understand. Take some more time to inform, educate, or guide your customer through your process.  The overall length of your content will depend on your topic, and business, but a general rule of thumb is 300 words for quality SEO content.

Once you have created your content be sure to read it as if your are reading it for the first time.  Keep in mind, your customer may not know your processes.  Few things are more difficult than visiting a website and having no idea how to do what you are trying to do, either because the website design is less than stellar, or the content and message is poorly written.

Finally, launch your website with it’s clearly written optimized content. Track your progress, and make your changes as needed.

Take a look at our Montana’s Flathead Lake website as an example of how I can help you with your website content creation and SEO.  When you are ready, Let me know if I can help you with your content creation or call me at 406-883-6237 during regular business hours.


Website Content Creation

Michael has been building and servicing websites from Montana for 20 years.